Original designs and artwork
by Jeannie Duncanson

Ginger Bean Design Testimonals

Please read about just some of the positive comments we have received.

Large piece puzzles

Just had to buy another 2 for the care home I work in as the activities manager. The residents love them. It has helped me entice two of the older gentleman to join in with the group. Many thanks. They loved the stamps and E-Type Jag.

Sarah, East Sussex

Some comments from customers at the Christmas fair -'Coolings garden centre' 2015

1) " it's a bit like a Rubic's cube but flat and more fun"

2) " it's the kind of thing that we can all play at Christmas, I have been looking for a new game "

3) my husband and son would love it, but it would do my head in........"

4) "thought it would be difficult to understand, but actually, it's become addictive" 

5) " when I found out it could be made as a drinking game too, I knew my friends would love it, so had to buy one"

6) "bought one from you yesterday, my 27 year old son loved it so much that I need to by another two please "


New Brilliant Game

I will be honest, I did think I was going to like it, but I now can't stop playing it. It's so addictive. Still haven't beaten my husband yet, but working on it......

Suzie, Bedfordshire

The Game Cross Squares

Check out this great new game called Cross Squares (suitable for all ages). Makes a fab Christmas present, doesn’t take ages to play and is really easy to take it with you wherever you’re going. We love it. 

Heather, southampton

a British Product - jigsaw

.......its great to see a product designed and made in the UK rather than some cheap import from overseas" .....

a customer at the Denbies Wine Estate craft fair

27 piece Stepney on the Move

'My father loves steam trains as it takes him back to his childhood. This has been a great success. Great idea. Thanks'

Emma, Whistable, Kent

Cross Squares

What a great game. The family loved it. '

Sue, Northampton

Chilli platter

This such a good idea. I love slate for its natural products, but having a splash of colour on it, really livens it up. Never seen this before. Its such a unique idea

Fiona, Cumbria

Runing pheasent

You have got me out of a massive hole, as I never know what to get my father in law. This running Pheasent design was idea.. a HUGE thank you ....Phew, another year saved!

Katie, Norwich


Would love them all.....saving up for the next lot! hee hee 

Frances, Northampton


Making a decision as to which one I bought was very difficult. So, even though I bought two cockerel place mats, I think there is a good chance I will be buying more to complete the set

Jane, Norfolk


Just love them all. Want them all...!!!

Sam, York


This piece of slate with Olives painted on it was sent to me over in Spain as we live out here now. It goes so well in our Kitchen. Going to be ordering some more to match. 

Mark and Susie. Spain


Was given this beautiful slate over Christmas. Its such a unique gift. I hear you do other designs too. 

Great Idea.

Molly, West Sussex


My freinds house is full of anything to do with Cockerels and Roosters. So they will love this, thank you

Debbie, Kent

Chilli slate

Love it, as I love anything to do with Chillis. Looks fab in the kitchen

Wendy, Suffolk

Elephant Square slate

This is such a brilliant painting of an Elephant. Its going out to my frineds in South Africa. cheers

Simon, Berkshire

Flying Pheasent slate

Just love this slate. What a great idea. Its a present for my in-laws. they live in the country and love Pheasents. Many thanks.

Katie, Devon