About the Company

The Ginger Bean Design Company was set up to provide unique and quirky products across the board.

We enjoy finding/restoring and producing different items for ‘home interiors’. The funkier the better!  No two pieces are the same. We love the concept of ‘individuality’

The family game, ‘Cross Squares’ was designed and manufactured in the UK. Only a limited number of games were produced making them a limited edition. The inks used are Child Friendly, and this game is for all the family, ages 6-106 yrs!. 

The Puzzles are made in acrylic (making them robust, washable and therefore hygienic)  and ideal for anyone suffering from Neurological issues. Each piece is large and has an irregular shape.

The Jewellery is all hand made in the UK and each piece is unique, ensuring that every customers gets an individual item. Some of the stones/beads/silver are sourced from different locations around the UK and some are used from recycled items

We love coming up with different creative ideas and providing items that are not the ‘run of the mill’

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