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Free Delivery for Puzzles

During the Covid-19 situation, I am offering free delivery for all puzzle orders. These are great puzzles that are made in acrylic, making them robust and easy to hold. Each piece is a different shape, which makes them more unique.

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Restoration of Carver Chair

Restoration of Carver Chair I came across this lovely Carver Chair in a bad state. It had been badly painted white and the paint was flaking off. After some consideration, i felt that this chair would look amazing if stripped back to its original state

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New Style Painting Technique

I have tried a new style of painting this past week and enjoyed having a go. Its totally different to my usual style, which is tighter and detailed.  But it was fun, messy, but fun. using a pallet knife and different kinds of brushes. I have a lot to learn, but had a...

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Designing Jewellery

Due to popular demand, I am back designing unique pieces of jewellery. I used to make necklaces and bracelets for shops many years ago until the cheap imports came in from over seas. But now, I am working closely with a lovely ladies boutique shop in Tenterden, Kent. ...

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My New Workshop

Whoppeee, my new workshop is up and running. We had great fun building and painting it. But its ideal for my work, especially when spray painting, sanding and restoring furniture etc. The perfect space outside.

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Large piece puzzles

These large piece puzzles are ideal for anyone suffering with a neurological issue. Robust and easy to hold. Each shape is different, making these ideal for 'hand-eye coordination'. As these are made in acrylic, it doesn't matter if something is spilt  onto them. They...

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Artfinder. An International Selling Site

Great news. I have been accepted onto Artfinder. An International Selling website. This is a great platform and I am so happy to have my work exhibited on there. Please feel free to check it out. Just put my name, Jeannie Duncanson, into the search bar, and my work...

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Insight Magazine Awards

by Jeannie Duncanson - 20 October 2015 The Ginger Bean Design Company have been awared the certificate of "Exellence for Designer Kitchenware 2013" by Insight magazine. In addition, the company has also received the acolade of the award for "New Business...

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