We saw you at Chiddingstone Castle Christmas Fair last year and bought two of your large piece jigsaws. The Two dogs in wellies and the Travelling Stamps one.

I go into care homes to help as a volunteer and take them with me. They are great because they are ideal not only for adults with dementia but also, for residents who are mentally on the ball but need help with hand-eye coordination. The different shapes are a brilliant idea. Good for you. Will look at the website at other designs you have on offer.

Vicky, Rochester, kent

Your plastic jigsaws

We bought this jigsaw as a Christmas fair last year for my Nan. She loves it. It reminds her of the times she and her husband used to have their own allotment and grow their own veggies. It’s great that its made of a plastic material, as its far easier to clean than others on the market.

Great idea

Hannah, Chiddingston, Kent

27pc Allotments Jigsaw

bought this for my father who suffers from Dementia. He used to love walking his dog in the woods when he was younger. So it brought back many memories for him. Thank you.

Shannon, Sufolk

27pc Bluebell Field

Just had to buy another 2 for the care home I work in as the activities manager. The residents love them. It has helped me entice two of the older gentleman to join in with the group. Many thanks. They loved the stamps and E-Type Jag.

Sarah, East Sussex

Large piece puzzles

I now can’t stop playing it. It’s so addictive. Still haven’t beaten my husband yet, but working on it……

Suzie, Bedfordshire

New Brilliant Game